People with chronic pain, tension headaches and similar stress-related conditions often experience them on a recurring basis. Many times, this is because they are engaging in the same “trigger” behaviors. They are repeating—knowingly or not—patterns that cause  the return of their discomfort.

At Balance Health + Wellness, Eugénie Pabst, Psy.D., offers biofeedback sessions designed to identify behaviors that lead to discomfort and to retrain the body and mind to change those behaviors. The result: improved health and a greater sense of control over one’s interactions with the world around them.

We use state-of-the-art instrumentation to help patients understand and gain control over involuntary responses such as bloodflow, muscle activity, respiration, heart rate and more. Tension, stress, anxiety, and resulting physical manifestations—from migraine headaches to TMJ—all respond well to biofeedback.

  • Biofeedback may reduce, or even eliminate, your need for medication.
  • Biofeedback has the potential to help conditions that have not responded to medication.
  • Biofeedback helps put you in charge of your own healing, by providing you with measurable feedback and allowing you to monitor your progress and learning.
  • Biofeedback may decrease your medical costs.

To learn more about Dr. Pabst and biofeedback therapy, visit her website.