The goal of naturopathic medicine is to identify the root cause of a concern by looking past symptoms and asking why the symptom is occurring. Each person is treated as a whole and as an individual with unique health characteristics. This whole body approach to health can lead not only to symptom resolution, but an enhanced sense of well-being.

At Balance Health + Wellness Dr. Kelly Simms is our naturopathic doctor.  Dr. Simms helps patients that experience gastrointestinal disorders, hormonal imbalances, and cardiometabolic conditions. The Doctors’ nutritional and functional approach to common health concerns allows patients to find relief and balance, naturally.

As a patient, you will be asked to play an active role in your care. Your time with a naturopathic doctor begins with a thorough hour long consultation where the doctor will listen to your concerns, ask questions, and begin to see how all the pieces fit together. From there, objective testing methods will be utilized to further define potential causes for symptoms and give initial recommendations. At subsequent follow-up visits, a plan that addresses each of your concerns will be discussed and its plan for implementation will be presented. In most cases, improvement begins after the initial visit and follow-ups are to ensure ongoing success.

Dr. Simms has nine years of post-secondary education, including residency. She has a bachelor of science in Biomedical Engineering from North Carolina State University where she graduated magna cum laude. She earned her four year Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine from Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine. Upon graduation and successful completion of national licensing examinations, she was selected for the Integrative Therapeutics STAIR Residency in Wisconsin, as one of two participants in the country. As a resident, she completed specialty rotations in naturopathic integrative medicine, gastroenterology, cardiology, and women’s medicine.

More information about Dr. Kelly Simms is available on her website.