Acupuncture is both ancient and timeless—a 2,000-year-old Chinese healing system remarkably well-suited to 21st-century lifestyles.

At Balance Health + Wellness, licensed acupuncturist Mary Pat Finley employs traditional methods to adjust the body’s energy system, correct imbalances, and successfully treat a broad range of conditions. Specializing in infertility and other women’s health concerns, she also uses acupuncture to address conditions ranging from headache, sinusitis and back pain to neuropathy.

Those new to acupuncture are most often struck by the profound sense of relaxation and well-being that results from the gentle application of acupuncture needles, or filaments, to key points in the body. New to the treatment or not, you’ll find this rejuvenating experience enhanced by our serene, comfortable and private environment. And of course, you can be assured of the highest standards of safety and sterility.

Acupuncture is both palliative and preventive, fully in keeping with the Balance philosophy of addressing symptoms and root causes. You will find it helpful not only for easing discomfort, but for returning to and maintaining good health.