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Dave & Juliet have recently completed updated training on The OOV, and they’re excited to share what they’ve learned!

The OOV is a revolutionary device that is ergonomically designed to complement the three curves of the spine and to mimic natural movement. The OOV was developed by Australian Osteopath and Neuroscientist Daniel Vladeta who saw the need for a self-correcting device that would embed motor learning. The OOV is an unstable, proprioceptive, bio-feedback tool that re-patterns and enhances efficient movement.

Incorporating traditional Pilates exercises applied to the OOV and balance training, our OOV-trained instructors are able to assess correctly & identify where instability and restriction exist in the body, and help you develop strategies to promote improved motor control, strength, endurance, proper alignment, and increase dynamic stability through the 3D activation of myofascial slings.

Ask your provider about how you can incorporate the OOV into your sessions! To book a session with Dave or Juliet, give our office a call at 773-472-0560.
Are digestive issues causing you discomfort and affecting your overall well-being? At Balance Health + Wellness, our staff understands how frustrating it can be. That’s why we’re here to offer a valuable approach for finding relief and improving your gut health. One key strategy is incorporating prebiotic-containing foods into your diet. Prebiotics act as nourishment for the beneficial bacteria in your gut, promoting a healthy balance and supporting optimal digestion.Boost your gut health with foods like bananas, onions, garlic, asparagus, and legumes. These high-fiber options can help alleviate GI issues, reduce bloating, and support regularity. Don’t let digestive discomfort hold you back – nurture your gut with prebiotics for a happier, healthier you!

If you’re experiencing digestive problems, schedule an appointment with Balance Health + Wellness’ Nutritionist, Becca Romero and get to the bottom of symptoms like bloating, nausea, and irregular bowel habits. Call 773-472-0560 to set up your appointment.
Flu and cold season is here, and now more than ever it’s important to stay healthy.Chinese medicine has a whole array of treatment modalities to prevent and treat symptoms of flu and colds as well as other respiratory & GI conditions, including cupping, moxa, gua sha, acupuncture and most importantly- powerful herbal medicines. Often times, only one to two treatments combined with the right herbal formula will have you feeling better quickly.Since prevention is key, our dispensary stocks formulas designed to reinforce the immune system. These formulas are also extremely helpful for seasonal allergies.

No matter what symptoms you’re experiencing, Chinese medicine has medicinals and in office treatments to get you back on your feet. Contact our office to book an appointment with Lisa Crowe, Lac and explore which treatment options are best for you so we can get you back on track to feeling better.

Meet Melody!

Hello! My name is Melody Lien. I’ve been a massage therapist going on 7 years now. I was born in Hawaii and have family that practice massage on Oahu, which is one of the reasons I chose massage therapy as my career. My style of massage varies from relaxation, to treating and helping specific areas of concern. I am also certified in prenatal & postnatal massage. I love educating clients and showing the benefits of massage through stretching and increasing mobility. In my time off I stay active through yoga, lifting, and spending time outdoors whenever I can! I’m excited to be a part of Balance and hopefully meet a lot of you soon! 

We are so excited to have Melody joining the Balance team! To book with Melody or any of our staff, give the front desk a call today at 773-472-0560.
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